Cat breeds: American Bobtail

Cat breeds: American Bobtail

FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: United States.

The American Bobtail breed originated from a mutation that occurred randomly in some specimens of domestic cats. It is very rare outside the country of origin. The gene that transmits the characteristic short tail is dominant. The length and shape of the tail is highly variable.

General aspect

The most curious feature of the breed is the short tail length. The size varies from medium to large. Variety a is present short hair and that a semi-long hair. The body is muscular and the limbs are of medium length.

American short-haired and short-haired bobtail (photo


Very affectionate with family members, they are sometimes quite shy of strangers. They adapt well to life at home, but if they don't have an outdoor space available, they need a robust structure to climb on and get their nails done on. They live without problems with other cats.


The robust and resistant hair both in the short and long-haired varieties requires little care. Just brush it with a light brush once a week. The ears must be cleaned only if necessary with a specific product. The nails can be blunted with special scissors.

American long-haired bobtail (photo

Variety of color

All color varieties are allowed.


Category: Short Hair - Semi Long Hair.
Build: medium or large; muscled.
Head: proportionate.
Ears: medium.
Eyes: lively and expressive.
Limbs: of medium length, with round and large legs.
Tail: straight, arrives in the middle of the hock; those with a slightly curved tail are also allowed.
Coat: robust, resistant fur.
Defects: the display specimens must have a very short tail.

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