Geese: Romagnola goose

Geese: Romagnola goose

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Italian breed originating in Emilia-Romagna (provinces Ravenna, Forlì, Bologna and Ferrara). The current Italian Standard for Poultry Breeds (1996) proposes the term of Italian goose.
The Romagna or Romagna goose is best known all over the world as the goose of Rome given to it by the Spanish poultry farmers of Barcelona, ​​when our breed was presented in that city at a world exhibition in May 1924. On that occasion, visitors asked if the Romagnola belonged to the race that saved the Capitol from the Gallic troops of Brenno in the distant 382 BC The question will probably never be clarified because Lucretius claims that those geese were white, while Virgil defined them as silver ... But over the centuries the plumage may have undergone variations. What is certain is that the Romagna geese have a very high-pitched and shrill voice, unlike the muttering tone of the Toulouse, for example ... However, our candid Romagna geese are certainly among the oldest breeds in the world ... Among other things, it is the most fertile and laying breed among geese (110/115 eggs per year, with a minimum weight of 150 grams). In addition, his duvet is among the most appreciated and his meat is excellent!
In Italy there are three breeds among which the Venetian dappled, which however does not yet have a precise standard. There is the Paduan gray, of medium size, also very appreciated! But it is the Romagna that holds the record among the three and especially in the world for its numerous spawning! Loca di Roma has a variant with the tuft on the head (tuffed roman goose) which is meticulously selected in the United States of America.
Too bad little breeds here in Italy and that the selection in this field is not yet as cured as in other States otherwise the fame of the Romagna could find the acclaim that was reserved to her last century throughout Europe and England.

Morphological characteristics

Cut it: small.
Medium weight:

- male a. 5-6 kg
- female a. 4-5 kg

White cloak. Wide, strong beak, high attached, orange with fingernail.
Medium long legs, intense orange color. Blue eyes with red ocular caruncle.
It has no ventral sac.
Loca Romagnola pure breed has the peculiarity, like the Embden goose, of being self-sexable at birth: the goslings are born with brown spots on the head and on the back and these spots are decidedly darker in the females.

Thanks to Francesco Silletta

Female of Italian or Romagna Goose (website photo)

Goose Romagnola with tuft - tuffed roman goose (photo

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