Biotope Steppe vegetation Sonnenberg - South Tyrol

Biotope Steppe vegetation Sonnenberg - South Tyrol

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Biotope; D.P.G.P. May 4, 1981 n. 95 and 15 May 1981 n. 96
Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Province: Bolzano

The Sonnenberg steppe vegetation biotope occupies an area of ​​176 hectares, in the municipalities of Castelbello-Ciardes, Naturno, in the Val Venosta, between 650 and 1250 m above sea level.

Sonnenberg vegetation biotope (photo


Unusual steppe vegetation of grasses with shrubs of thermophilic species such as ash, barberry, sea buckthorn, juniper, gives the biotope the dominant imprint. Under the arboreal profile, the flora is characterized not only by areas afforested by fringes of invasive species such as ailanthus and locust.
Kestrel, buzzard and sparrow hawk regularly frequent the site, while the abundance of rotting trunks favors the presence of the green woodpecker and great spotted woodpecker. The rare rock partridge can also be found.

Biotopes in South Tyrol

In South Tyrol a series of natural or naturalistic environments are protected in the form of biotopes, often also the product of man's creation or transformation. In fact, effective protection of rare or threatened animal and plant species takes place only thanks to the conservation of their natural habitats. Wetlands, still intact natural streams, ponds, peat bogs, arid meadows and riparian woods are increasingly rare. They constitute the vital habitat of singular typologies of flora and fauna.
The biotopes currently under protection in the Province of Bolzano are 175, and occupy a total area of ​​2,503 hectares, equal to approximately 0.35% of the provincial territory.

Information for the visit

Autonomous Province of Bolzano
Landscape Ecology Office
Palazzo 11, via Renon 4
39100 Bolzano

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