Valle del Lambro Regional Natural Park - Lombardy

Valle del Lambro Regional Natural Park - Lombardy

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; established with L.R. September 16, 1983, n. 82.
Lombardy region
Province: Como, Lecco, Milan

The Valle del Lambro Natural Park covers a stretch of about 25 km of the valley, between the Briantei lakes and the Monza Park; it occupies an area of ​​7,254 hectares in the provinces of Como, Lecco and Milan.

Oasi di Baggero - Lambro Valley Natural Park (photo


The Lambro was born at Piano Rancio, above Magreglio, in the upper Valassìna, flows into Lake Pusiano and comes out of it with the name of Northern Lambro, then receives the waters of Lake Alserio and those of the Bévera stream. It crosses Monza and runs along Milan, underpasses the Villoresi canal and the Naviglio Martesana, bathes Melegnano, receives the waters of the Southern Lambro river to the right and finally flows into the Po. The northern area of ​​the Valle del Lambro Park offers a landscape of high plateaus and wood, furrowed by the small valleys of the Lambro tributaries, where there are some interesting environments from a naturalistic point of view (marshy areas of the lakes, Inverigo ravine). The southern sector is compromised by pollution (although the situation is clearly improving) and by the deterioration of the Milanese interland; partially offset by the splendid villas and gardens of Lesmo, Arcore and Villasanta.

Reserve Eastern shore of Lake Alserio

Regional Nature Reserve; established with D.C.R. November 15, 1984 n. 1798
It affects an area of ​​approximately 82 hectares in the municipalities of Erba and Monguzzo (CO).
La Riservain interests the eastern shore of the lake and includes a flat belt, crossed by the Lambro and occupied largely by marshy vegetation and mowed meadows, in addition to the slope of the Monguzzo hill with white hornbeam and ash woods.

Royal Villa of Monza and Lambro River (photo

Information for the visit

Valle del Lambro Park Consortium
Location: Via Vittorio Veneto, 19
20050 Triuggio (MI)



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