Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park - Piedmont

Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park - Piedmont

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; established with L.R. March 28, 1980, no. 31.
Piemonte region
Province: Asti

The Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park is a small protected area (just 120 hectares) located between the hills of the Moferrato, not far from Asti, and near the Tanaro river. The area falls entirely within the municipal area of ​​Rocchetta Tanaro.

Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park (photo


The park includes a thermophilic forest, bordered by two small valleys (Rio Ronsinaggio and Rio Rabenc), made up of a mixed oak forest with prevalence of oak and English oak, associated with Turkey oak and downy oak. It is called bosc dal marcheis (or forest of the Marquis Incisa) by the inhabitants of Rocchetta: the late Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, who was president of the WWF, laid the foundations for the creation of the Park. The forest also offers refuge to numerous fauna species: among the mammals the most common are the fox, the squirrel, the hedgehog, the weasel, the dormouse and the badger, chosen as the symbol of the park. Particularly rich lavifauna is represented by about forty nesting species including the lesser spotted woodpecker, the nuthatch, the creeper and the jay. At its feet is the town of Rocchetta Tanaro, the protagonist of adventurous events, both in the Roman period and in the medieval period.

Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park

Information for the visit

Natural Park of Rocchetta Tanaro
Via Salie, 19
14030 Rocchetta Tanaro (AT)

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