State Biogenetic Nature Reserve Acquerino - Tuscany

State Biogenetic Nature Reserve Acquerino - Tuscany

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Biogenetic Nature Reserve; established with D.M.A.F. July 13, 1977.
Tuscany region
Province: Pistoia

The Acquerino State Biogenetic Nature Reserve protects an area of ​​243 hectares in the Municipality of Sambuca Pistoiese, between 800 and 1,200 meters above sea level.

Deer from the Acquerino Nature Reserve


Established in 1977, the Reserve was managed by the State Company for State Forests with the main purpose of constituting an example of rational forestry for the small owners of the area.
The areas recently reforested with conifers (white fir, Douglas fir, etc.) and broad-leaved cpn (beech, ash, maple, etc.) alternate with aged beech coppices that, in the past, were used for the production of vegetable charcoal, as evidenced by the numerous carbon areas that meet along the paths and mule tracks.
The Acquerino Reserve has the purpose of conserving and improving the fragrant fir woods, intended for the production of seeds for forest nurseries.

Flora and fauna

The flora and fauna of this small reserve does not differ substantially from that typical of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. There are also protected herbaceous species, due to their peculiar rarity, such as the red lily, the martagon lily, some gentians, laquilegia, etc.
Among the animal species, a special mention deserves the deer, which, reintroduced, after several centuries, in the 50s of the twentieth century, has proliferated and spread in all the surrounding mountain areas, both in the province of Pistoia and in those of Florence and of Bologna, unfortunately, in the absence of a natural predator such as the wolf, creating an excessive fauna load for the territory of the reserve.

Information for the visit

How to get there:
- By car: you can take the Pistoia-Acquerino road (km 12) or the SS 64 Porrettana-Passo della Collina-road for Acquerino (33 km from Pistoia).


Headquarters: State Forestry Corps
Via del Carmina, 8
51100 Pistoia

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