Pot plants: Pachira, Aquatic Pachira, Bombaco, Malabar or Guyana nut

Pot plants: Pachira, Aquatic Pachira, Bombaco, Malabar or Guyana nut

Classification, origin and description

Common name: Pachira, Bombaco.
Kind: Pachira.

Family: Bombacaceae.

provenance: rain forests of Central America and Brazil.

Genre description: evergreen plants that in nature can reach almost 20 meters in height; the cultivated species is the aquatic Pachira (also called Malabar or Guyana Walnut); it is usually used as a sapling made up of several braided stems.

Aquatic pachira (website photo)

Species and varieties

Aquatic pachira: evergreen plant native to Central America and Brazil; it has large leaves, shiny, penta lobed, and large fragrant flowers, white-cream, with the petals curled towards the base of the flower, to show the stamens; at the end of summer the fruits appear (woody capsules).

Aquatic pachira (website photo)

Environmental requirements, substrate, fertilizations and special precautions

Temperature: in summer it is advisable to place it outside, in partial shade; with the first colds it must be hospitalized at home.
Light: loves very bright positions, but not the direct rays of the sun.
Watering and environmental humidity: water often but without exaggeration.
Substrate: universal, well-drained soil.
Special fertilizations and tricks: dissolve fertilizer for green plants every 15-20 days in the irrigating water.


They multiply by seed, planted as soon as the woody capsule opens. it can also be reproduced by cutting, which must be practiced in the spring.

Diseases, pests and adversities

Root rot: can arise if the soil is kept too wet.
Cochineal: better to remove the first insects manually than to be forced to chemical treatment.

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