Breeds of chickens: Caussade black hen

Breeds of chickens: Caussade black hen

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Origin: France

Its origins are little known. It is known that it is part of the Mediterranean breeds and that it is both a close relative of the Gasconne, but over time it has become smaller, and a descendant of the Minorque of Spain.
It was mentioned already in 1869 in agricultural competitions, where it is defined as "highly appreciated", but its "golden age" was at the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was widespread in Tarn and Garonne. Its standard was established in 1905 and the Caussade association was founded in 1911. In 1933 she was mentioned in Curnonsky's Trésor gastronomique de France, which definitively consolidated her fame. With the arrival of industrial species it completely disappears, to return to the 21st century. Since then, the association of the black hen of Caussade has obtained the "Lou Caussadet" brand for this breed to enhance its use at the gastronomic level. In 2014, only 60 breeding females were officially identified. Recently returned to breeding thanks to expert breeders, it remains a vulnerable breed due to the extremely small number of specimens.
It lays eggs with a white shell, average weight 60-65 grams.

Morphological characteristics

The plumage is bright black; the simple red crest is straight in the rooster and inclined in the hen. Its very slender skeleton leaves room for an abundance of meat. He has a wide back and a well-developed chest.

Medium weight:
- Roosters 2.5 kg
- Hens 1.5 kg

Caussade black hen (photo

Caussade black hen (photo

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