Breeds of chickens: Gatinaise

Breeds of chickens: Gatinaise

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

It is considered the oldest French breed. Originally from the province of Gatinaise. It was created spontaneously and the characters were then fixed and improved through careful selection work.
Rustic breed, active in the search for food, early. Good producer of eggs (large and white-shelled) and very popular meat.

Morphological characteristics

There is only the white coat variety.
Medium head with simple crest sometimes slightly bent in hens. Big eyes with red iris. Strong beak.
Red mumps without any trace of white. Wide wattles.
Long neck with abundant cape. Wide abdomen and back. Wide and raised tail. Large and pinkish tarsi.

Medium weight:
- Roosters 3.5 - 4.0 kg
- Hens kg 2,5 - 3,0

Gatinaise breed hen (photo

Gatinaise (photo

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