Breeds of chickens: Polverara

Breeds of chickens: Polverara

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Ancient Italian breed originating in a village, in fact Polverara, in the surroundings of Padua from which it took its name.
It is an ancient breed: it has been known since 1400. It is also called Padovana di Polverare, Schiatta di Polverara or simply Schiatta. Some asserted that she was the progenitor of the Padovana, others instead just the other way round, that is, that she came from the Padovana.
Almost completely disappeared; chicken raised for the flavor of its meat and for the discreet deposition, now being recovered.
A project is underway for the reconstitution of the breed. It is included in the list of traditional products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Officially recognized in Italy.
Eggs with a minimum weight of 50 grams and a whitish shell.

Italian Official Standard - Polverara

Origin: Italy; originally from the countryside around the town of Polverara. It is an ancient breed: we have news from the 1400s. Some asserted that she was the progenitor of the Paduan area, others instead just the other way round, that is, that she came from the Paduan area.
Egg: Minimum weight 50 g - Shell color: whitish.
Ring: Cock 18 mm - Hen 16 mm.
Chicken raised for the flavor of its meat and for the discreet deposition. Today in the process of recovery. Form homogeneous strains with well-defined breed characteristics: the shape influences the judgment much more than the coloring.
1) FORM:
Trunk: Cylindrical, medium length, well rounded.
Head: Large, not elongated, but compact. On the front of the skull there is a small cranial hernia proportionate to the tuft.
Beak: Strong, slightly curved. Small nostrils of red color on the nostrils.
Big eyes; lively looks; red / orange to brown color.
Crest: Small, red, slightly V-shaped croissants. In the hen just mentioned.
Bargigli: Small and red.
Face: Red.
Orecchioni: Of medium size, oval and pure white.
Tuft: Relatively small, carried straight. In the slightly more developed and compact hen.
Beard: beard and favorites, not excessive, leave wattles and mumps partially uncovered.
Neck: Long, arched and carried slightly backwards. Abundant cape; in the rooster with long and thin lanceolate.
Shoulders: Medium wide.
Back: Medium long and wide; tilted towards the tail.
Wings: Bring close to the body in line with the trunk.
Tail: High flow rate with an angle of 65/70 ° in the rooster and 50/55 ° in the hen. Scarce and medium-long sickles. Helmsman courses open, especially in the hen.
Chest: Not very prominent, carried high.
Legs: Moderately long and clearly visible legs. Tarsi of medium length, fine and without feathers.
Belly: Moderately developed.
White skin
Rooster 2,5 - 2,8 Kg
Hen 1,8 - 2,1 Kg
Serious defects: They are those that affect the shape, weight, bearing and shape and position of the tuft.
Well fitting, long and rounded feathers.
All the intense and bright black plumage with strong green reflections in the two sexes. Tarsi slate with greenish shades. Dark horn beak with black streaks. Black down jacket.
Serious defects: Lack of shine and reflexes; presence of rust reflections in the rooster's cape; presence of other colored pens.
All bright white plumage. Willow green tarsi. Pinkish yellow beak. White down jacket.
Serious defects: Opaque plumage, presence of yellowish shades; pens of other color.

Black Polverara breed rooster (website photo)

White Polverara hen (photo website)

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