Typical Italian cured meats: Milan salami

Typical Italian cured meats: Milan salami

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Milan salami

At one time the typical production was in Codogno; now it is produced in Brianza and throughout Milan. A typical production center is San Colombano al Lambro. In the Codogno area, a small amount of pig blood is sometimes added to the mixture.

Milan salami is one of the best known Italian salami; it derives from a mixture of pork and beef minced with a fine grain of rice and stuffed in pork crepe or, given its large-scale production, now extended to the whole national territory, in synthetic casing. It is a product of considerable size, which weighs 3-4 kg, flavored simply with salt and flavors, without exceeding. The seasoning is among the longest in the sector, in order to achieve a good compactness of the fat and lean part. It is very similar, both to the sight and to the taste, to the Hungarian salami, which however presents a different doping, where a greater variety of spices enter. The color is always a bright red, almost ruby ​​in its hue. The Milanese eat it naturally in the michetta, a typical Milanese bread.

Milan salami

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