Cattle breeds: Parthenaise

Cattle breeds: Parthenaise

Origin and diffusion area

The Parthenaise (international name Parthenay) is a very ancient breed originating from Deux-Sevres in central-western France. Locally it is also called Choletaise, Gatinaise, Gatine or Gatinelle, Vendée-Parthenay.
Herd book since 1893. Purebred breed in central-western France.

Morphological characteristics

The coat is tawny to blackish (especially in some parts), with grayish abdomen and lower parts of the trunk.
Black muzzle and black horns on the tip.
Medium-tall animals.
Adult females: weight 650-850 kg; height 135-140 cm.

Productive characteristics

Dual-purpose breed (meat and work).
The production of meat with good yields at the slaughterhouse is prevalent.
Milk production is modest (in any case above 2,000 kg / lactation).

Parthenaise cow

Parthenaise bulls (photo Alessio Zanon)

Breeding area of ​​the Parthenaise breed in France

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