Pig breeds: Ancient Autochthonous Breeds of Tuscany by dr. Alessio Zanon

Pig breeds: Ancient Autochthonous Breeds of Tuscany by dr. Alessio Zanon

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Cinta Senese (Cinta di monte Maggio)

Cinta Senese

Senese gray

Mestizo obtained from the belt crossed with Large White.

Maremmana or Macchiaiola

Once raised on Mount Amiata high Sienese and Grossetano. Pigs of small size, black coat, long and thin muzzle, short ears slightly folded up, sometimes erect.

Maremmana or Macchiaiola

Hood of Anghiari

Pig with large hanging ears high balzane shod white face outer edge white ears.
Slate-colored coat, with dark and thick bristles, with balzane to one or even to all four limbs and spots on the ears, muzzle, head and neck.
The head is coarse, the forehead broad and the concave profile. The ears are broad-based, long, carried forward and down.
The trunk is of medium length, often, wide and not very deep, with a convex back-lumbar line and with poor development of the abdomen. The rump is narrow and the thighs are not very muscular. The tall and robust limbs with long pastoral.

Hood of Anghiari

Hood of Anghiari


It was raised in the upper Arno Valley and has a higher structure and a darker slate gray color.


Bred in the past in the Val di Chiana. Very high on the legs, it has flounces and a white face. Sometimes there is a large white spot at the withers or even a band like in the Cinta.

Rossa del Casentino

Little news. The breed is known through an old print.

Red sow of the Casentino

By Dr. Alessio Zanon Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Parma - R.A.R.E.

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