Can you plant indoor ferns outside

Can you plant indoor ferns outside

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Can you plant indoor ferns outside in North Dakota?


I know it's quite a long shot, but I would like to ask you if I can plant indoor ferns outside in North Dakota during winter. It's pretty cold outside (between -30 to -50 C) and I would like to have some pretty plants to decorate the house, but I can't find them. Does it work? How do you do it?



Your ferns will probably grow fine, but they're very slow-growing and will probably not flower. And they probably don't do well under these conditions, in your local climate.


It depends on what kind of ferns you want to grow. I have used osmundas and palm ferns and they have done well in my area. I would say it will do well most of the time in your climate.

I would not recommend trying it in a greenhouse until you try it in some well-lit open space first to check how they do. You may also want to try a clear pot first and see how it does.

This link tells you a little more about them

The simple palm fern, (Osmunda claytoniana), which is classified as a mesophytic or tropical fern, has been selected for its ability to withstand long, cold winters and tolerate varying humidity. This fern is not fully hardy, but can be grown in southern states that experience cold winters. In a warm house or greenhouse environment, the average palm fern will grow and produce foliage in as little as 8 to 10 weeks. This tropical fern requires a sunny area, well-drained soil, and regular fertilization and watering.


Why not try low light - actually fluorescent or bulb-type light? I'm not in the area you are in but in central Georgia and our house has a lot of south windows and one is a good 2x6x16 which is light proof on the outside.

The bulb-type light should have a similar spectrum to a window with the same type of glass. The fluorescent or T-light has a harsher yellow spectrum and it should be used only to simulate a window or skylight, which will do fine to grow plants and attract insects.

An experiment I tried at our former house was to grow ferns (a different species than yours) in that north window. It really grew very well even with no supplemental lighting.

I also had a lot of ferns in that room when I moved out in August, and they came through this winter fine. The window is actually south facing so getting natural light probably gave them a head start but I'm sure you'll be fine.

Not ideal, but if you are going to put them outside, this might be the most light-efficient and convenient place to do it.

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I live in Seattle. We just had a brief, very warm spell and this has caused a lot

of people to start their ferns. I have a really huge plant right now with so

much green it is getting down into my neighbor's yard. I would like to know if

it would be possible to plant them outdoors, but with little shade. I have about

20 gallons of grow light with me at all times, but the plant still loves it. I

have attached some pictures and hope you can help me.



Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

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