Horse breeds: Gidran

Horse breeds: Gidran

Origins and attitudes

The Gidran (or Anglo-Arab Hungarian), originally from Hungary, is a light etyrian saddle horse, currently used in equestrian sports (good jumper, eclectic and resistant). The breed was created during the nineteenth century. It takes its name from the Arab stallion Shagya Gidran, considered the progenitor, who, through many crossings with the English Thoroughbred, has taken on its current appearance. Noble and proud horse, with remarkable performances in the various sports disciplines, it is now very widespread especially in Eastern European countries.

Morphological characters

Type: dolomomorphic.
Coat: chestnut.
Height at the withers: 160 - 170 cm.
Weight: 500 - 550 kg.
Lively character, not always docile.

Gidran horse (photo

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