Horse breeds: Dutch

Horse breeds: Dutch

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Origins and attitudes

Dutch breed (also called Dutch warm-blooded) of recent constitution, obtained by crossing Gelder and Groningen mares (the oldest Dutch breeds) with English and other purebred stallions (Hanover, Trakehner, Holstein, Oldenburg).
Saddle horse and light shooting, used in equestrian sports (jumping and dressage) and as a field riding. Widespread in the Netherlands and in many Central European countries. Agile and good jumper.

Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
Coat: chestnut, gray, bay, morello, piebald.
Height at the withers: 160 - 170 cm.
Average weight: 550 kg.
Quiet, willing and sociable.

Dutch (website photo)

Piebald Dutch

Video: KWPN Royal Dutch Sports Horses (July 2022).


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