Horse breeds: Swedish

Horse breeds: Swedish

Nordic Swedish - Origins and attitudes

Fast heavy draft horse, originally from Sweden. It has many points of contact with the Döle Gudbrandsdal. The marked attitude to trot (although much slower than the true trotting breeds) was increased with the selection, giving rise to a lighter variety (Nordic Swedish Trotter or Nord-Hestur).
Today it is used in pleasure boating, harness racing and as a means of transport.
Sturdy, indefatigable, rustic and long-lived.

Nordic Swedish - Morphological characters

Type: meso-brachimorphic.
Cloaks: bay, dark bay, morello, sauro, isabella.
Average height at the withers: 155 cm.
Weight: 600 - 650 kg.
Quiet and energetic character.

Nordic Swedish (photo

Saddle Swedish - Origins and attitudes

Swedish horse (Flyinge), known internationally as Swedish Halfbred or Swedish Warm Blood. Breed created in the seventeenth century, from the cross between Arab, Andalusian and Friesian stallions to produce horses suitable for military life. Later crosses with stallions Hanover, Trakehner, Holstein and Thoroughbreds determined the current breed.
Saddle horse and light shooting, used today in equestrian sports (particular aptitude for dressage).

Saddle Swedish - Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
Cloaks: bay, dark bay, chestnut, gray.
Height at the withers: 165 - 170 cm.
Weight: 500 - 550 kg.
Quiet, intelligent and reliable character.

Saddle Swedish (photo

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